Outside-In is a behind-the-scenes look at our design process and what inspires us specifically in our residential design studio. By sharing our influences and exploring some of the common themes and elements of our work, we hope to paint a more holistic picture of our practice and our unique approach to architecture and design.

Considerations when Designing a Kitchen

Welcome Home: Modern Entrances

Sustainable Interior Materials: Designing an Eco-Friendly Home

Steven Ehrlich Walks Us Through His Design Philosophy

Takashi Yanai Walks Us Through His Design Philosophy

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Enriching Daily Life - Engaging All Senses

Spa Bathroom Ideas: 5 Key Considerations

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The Intersection of Japanese and Scandinavian Architecture + Design

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How to Incorporate Engawa in Your Modern Home

Architectural Photographers Who Have Left Their Impact on Design

Custom Residential Design Inspired By Resort Living

Urban Infill Sites: 3 Residential Design Considerations

How to Find & Use Design Inspiration For Your Modern Home

Scandinavian Influence in Modern Residential Architecture

An Introduction to Multi-Unit Residences

3 Ways to Add Privacy During a Home Design

Art Niche: How to Incorporate Art in Your Home Design

Case Study: Navy Street Duplex

Fire Resiliency in Residential Architecture

A Virtual Tour of Culver City with Steven Ehrlich

The Role of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in a Modern Home

Modern Staircases: 4 Homes to Inspire Your Design

Design Considerations for a Modern Guest House

Four Contemporary Kitchens Inspired by Modern California Living

Designing for Wellness and Sustainability in Residential Architecture

The Art of Architectural Visualization | EYRC Architects

Craft + Details in the Custom Residential Architecture

The Impact of Landscape Architecture in Custom Residential Design

The Client-Architect Relationship: What to Expect

5 Houses That Take a Modern Approach to Japanese Style

5 Modern Houses With Inspiring Swimming Pools

Mid-Century Interiors: 3 Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Design

Post-Pandemic Home Design: 8 Considerations

Mid-Century Modern Remodel: Schindler House on Ellis Avenue

Architectural Design Philosophy: Designing at Scale

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Donald Judd: Blurring the Boundaries between Art & Architecture

Photography & Modern Architecture: The Impact of Social Media

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Schindler’s Kings Road House: Modern California Architecture